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Make Canada Accountable

About this Campaign

The Canadian government actively promotes and supports the international operations of Canadian companies, including companies linked to serious human rights and environmental abuses. This can include providing embassy and diplomatic support, direct financial backing, promotion of controversial legal reforms in countries where Canadian companies operate, and allowing corporations to hide revenue and ownership information via complicated tax structures.

The CNCA works to monitor, document and propose reforms that would end the federal government’s active and passive support for corporate impunity.

Key Resources for this Campaign

Take Action Today

Join over 50,000 Canadians in signing the CNCA’s petition for mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation. Let’s counter the corporate lobby, and show that a critical mass of Canadians is demanding serious action to hold our corporations accountable in their overseas operations and supply chains.

Other Campaigns

Pass a Due Diligence Law​

We campaign for a mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence law to hold Canadian companies accountable for their actions abroad.​

Model Legislation

The CNCA has developed two types of model legislation. One would require companies to take stock of how they may be contributing to human rights and environmental abuses, fix any problems they find, and prevent future harm. The other would create a corporate watchdog that could effectively hold Canadian companies accountable.

Empower the C.O.R.E.

Canada’s Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise should have the power to compel witnesses and documents.

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