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About this Campaign

Canada has an Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE), which receives complaints about human rights abuse tied to Canadian corporate activity abroad in the mining, oil & gas, and garment sectors. However, the CORE doesn’t have the powers it needs to do its job effectively, such as making companies produce documents, and compelling witness testimony under oath. 

The CNCA campaigns for the government to give the CORE these powers – which the government promised, and has drafted model legislation and a model Order in Council to create an ombudsperson with real powers.

Key Resources for this Campaign

Take Action Today

Join over 50,000 Canadians in signing the CNCA’s petition for mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation. Let’s counter the corporate lobby, and show that a critical mass of Canadians is demanding serious action to hold our corporations accountable in their overseas operations and supply chains.

Model Legislation

In response to ongoing abuses of human rights and the environment by Canadian corporations and their subsidiaries around the world, Canada created a toothless Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE), with no effective powers to investigate, no ability to do something meaningful if its investigations reveal wrongdoing.

The CNCA’s model law, The Global Leadership in Business and Human Rights Act, would create a real corporate watchdog, with the power to compel the witnesses and documents it needs to undertake robust investigations, and the power to fine people and companies who obstruct or mislead investigations.

Other Campaigns

Pass a Due Diligence Law

We campaign for a mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence law to hold Canadian companies accountable for their actions abroad.

Model Legislation

The CNCA has developed two types of model legislation. One would require companies to take stock of how they may be contributing to human rights and environmental abuses, fix any problems they find, and prevent future harm. The other would create a corporate watchdog that could effectively hold Canadian companies accountable.

Make Canada Accountable

Canada’s financial, political and diplomatic support should not go to corporations involved with human rights and environmental abuse.

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