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Canada must actively and constructively engage in UN business and human rights treaty process, CNCA tells Minister Joly

The CNCA has written to Minister Mélanie Joly, calling on the Government of Canada not to undermine the years of negotiation and effort by victims of corporate abuse, human rights defenders, civil society, faith-based organizations, trade unions and academics who have mobilized to call for and advance a UN Treaty to help close global accountability and protection gaps and put an end to continuing corporate human rights abuses.

The CNCA’s letter expresses concern over a written statement issued by the Government of Canada at the recent United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights, in the fall of 2021, which endorsed a US initiative to “explor(e) alternative instruments, binding or non-binding” as an alternative to the current UN Binding Treaty.

In the letter, the CNCA urged the Government of Canada to

  • cease calling for an alternative framework,
  • publicly acknowledge that the current draft of the UN Binding Treaty is a foundation for ongoing negotiations, and
  • commit to constructively engage in the 8th session of the treaty negotiations.

Please read the full March 2022 letter to Minister Joly.

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