Take action

The Canadian Government has reneged on its commitment to create an independent corporate human rights watchdog. We can’t accept this.

In January 2018, the government announced that it would create an independent office with the power to investigate. Instead, on April 8, 2019, it unveiled a powerless advisory post, little different from what has already existed for years. The Government of Canada failed to appoint an independent Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) with real powers to investigate abuses and redress the harm caused by Canadian companies operating abroad.

An ombudsperson operates at arms-length from government and has the power to order those under investigation to produce documents and testimony under oath. The advisory position does neither. But it’s not too late! The time for action is now. 

Contact your Member of Parliament and urge them to contact the Prime Minister’s Office:

Find your MP’s contact info here.

Ask them to take a stand and do the following:

  • Immediately call the Prime Minister’s Office and ask them to tell the government to keep its promise, to give the ombudsperson the power to compel documents and testimony, to give the ombudsperson full independence, and to do it now.
  • Publicly support the immediate establishment of an effective ombudsperson

Remind them that an effective ombudsperson is:

  • Independent
  • Has the tools and mandate to independently investigate, including the power to compel documents and testimony under oath from Canadian companies AND
  • Reports publicly on its findings and recommendations, including for remedy, harm prevention, and reforms

Don’t forget to tell your MP that you will be calling back in two weeks for an update. Keep calling back and share feedback with us!