In 2015, the Liberal Party of Canada committed to create an independent ombudsperson to investigate the widespread and well-documented claims of harm associated with Canadian companies operating overseas. However, since the federal elections there has been no demonstrable shift in Canadian human rights policy relating to extractives. It is time for the Canadian government to take action to monitor and investigate the human rights performance of Canadian mining, oil and gas companies overseas. The current moment is crucial! Impacted communities from around the world are calling on the government of Canada to take urgent action, they can wait no longer!

Now mark your calendar and take a stand for Mining Justice this May:

Help us kick off the Month of Action by

  • joining (and sharing!) our Thunderclap before May 2! If you haven’t participated in a Thunderclap before, don’t worry, it’s easy!
  • Don’t use social media? No problem. Just send a letter to your MP urging her/him to express their support for an ombudsperson to Minister Champagne and asking for a response. (Find your MPs contact info here).

1st week of May:

  • Watch the May 4 webinar (link) to get prepared for our Month of Action. If you haven’t already, call your MPs office to book your MP meeting the last week of May (often a month’s notice is required)!

2nd week of May:

  • Write a letter or send a tweet to Minister Champagne (@FP_Champagne). Draft your own or use our sample tweets / sample letter (#open4justice)

3rd week of May:

  • Participate in a public action. Actions are already being organized in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • If you don’t live in a city where public actions are being organized, don’t despair. You can help us get the word out by submitting a letter to the editor of your local newspaper explaining why you are concerned about mining justice. Some guidance is here
  • Need ideas? Watch a Public action webinar by CNCA member organization MISN (click here for the powerpoint to the webinar)

4th week of May:

  • MPs are in their home ridings this week! To wrap up the month of action, meet your MP in his or her office, or give her/him a phone call. Don’t forget to call your MPs office TODAY to book your meeting. (Find your MPs contact info here).