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  • Media Advisory: One year ago the Government of Canada announced the creation of a corporate ombudsperson. It’s time to fulfill its promise.

    17 January, 2019

    January 17, 2019 marks one year since the Government of Canada announced it would create an ombudsperson’s office to independently investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies operating overseas. But a year later, the position remains vacant. Canada must take action, appoint a strong ombudsperson, and grant the office robust investigatory powers that include the power to compel documents and testimony. Canada made a clear commitment last January to be a global leader in business and human rights. Canada must keep its promise.

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  • It’s been a full year. It’s time for action.

    17 January, 2019

    It’s been one year since the Government of Canada announced the creation of a corporate ombudsperson, but we’re still waiting. Take action and urge the Canadian government to get moving on its promise.

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  • Human rights activists frustrated over delay in naming mining ombuds

    08 January, 2019

    “Not only are we concerned about the ombudsperson not being named yet, but we still don’t have certainty that the ombudsperson that we’ve worked so hard for will have the powers it needs.” – Elana Wright, Development and Peace

    Next week marks 1 year since the federal government announced the creation of a human rights ombudsperson with powers to independently investigate allegations of abuses by Canadian companies abroad. Read the latest from the Catholic Reporter on the lack of meaningful progress in appointing an ombudsperson.

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  • On the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights, Canada needs to make good on its promise: Appoint an effective mining and human rights ombudsperson

    10 December, 2018

    As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70, Canadians and impacted communities around the world call on Canada to meaningfully implement its commitments. Ten months ago Canada committed to create a Canadian ombudsperson for responsible enterprise to independently investigate alleged human rights abuses associated with Canadian companies around the globe.

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  • Op-Ed: Canada’s new corporate ombudsperson needs real power

    03 December, 2018

    Canada has a clear choice: Be a world leader or a laggard when it comes to human rights and the mining industry. Canada can either invest the ombudsperson with real powers to investigate abuses and redress the harm caused by Canadian companies, or it can create a position without adequate powers, call it an ombudsperson, and leave individuals and communities harmed by Canadian mining companies with nowhere to turn to for help.


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