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  • Op-ed: Human rights ombudsperson will bring long-awaited accountability to Canadian mining

    14 February, 2018

    The government has an opportunity to entrust the ombudsperson with the responsibility to ensure that the rights of women and girls are respected, that resource extraction does not result in increased gender-based violence, and that the unique perspective and concerns of women are taken into account when resource extraction projects are being considered.

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  • Blog post: Canada is moving towards effective corporate oversight with new human rights watchdog

    30 January, 2018

    Canada’s new ombudsperson will be tasked with investigating complaints from around the world and will be founded on the principles of “advancing human rights and assisting Canada in fulfilling its international human rights obligations”. The ombudsperson will be mandated to investigate; make public findings on allegations of harm; issue recommendations to remedy -and prevent- harm; and monitor the implementation of those recommendations.

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