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  • Talk is not enough: why Canada needs an extractive-sector Ombudsperson

    09 September, 2016

    With current mechanisms in Canada, all that affected communities get is dialogue. When it comes to human rights abuse, talk is not enough. Herein are the key differences between the NCP, the CSR Counsellor and CNCA’s proposed Extractive Sector Ombudsperson.

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  • Honduran activist wants Trudeau to pressure Canadian mining companies on human rights abuses (The Toronto Star)

    16 August, 2016

    (16 August 2016) “[Honduran priest and activist Father] Melo wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop turning a blind eye to human rights abuses in Honduras. The priest wrote a letter to Trudeau this May, on behalf of more than 200 human rights and environmental groups, asking him to ensure mining companies operating outside Canada comply with international environmental and human rights standards and not displace local communities without prior consultation.”

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