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  • Career opportunity with the CNCA

    22 August, 2017

    We are recruiting candidates for the position of Communications and Outreach Officer. The successful candidate will be responsible for identifying, informing and educating elected officials about the CNCA’s campaign for the creation of a human rights ombudsperson for Canada’s international extractive sector, as well as developing and implementing a broader communications and engagement strategy directed to both the general public and CNCA members.

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  • Op Ed: Mining group tells government to stand on wrong end of elephant

    14 June, 2017

    In cases where dispute resolution is not appropriate—where, for example, the interests of the parties do not overlap or where the complainants fear retaliation—the necessary tool is an objective, independent investigation of compliance with the relevant standards. In such cases, the subject of that investigation never participates in investigating itself.

    In order to begin to level the playing field, Canada needs an independent, well-resourced, robust non-judicial grievance mechanism with all of the necessary tools at its disposal, including independent investigation and a process to promote implementation of recommendations.


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