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  • New report, “The Canada Brand” : widespread violence and Canadian mining in Latin America

    24 October, 2016

    More than four hundred harmed in violence linked to Canadian mining projects in the last fifteen years

    New report, “The Canada Brand”, suggests widespread violence is just part of doing business for many Canadian mining companies in Latin America

    The Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP), a legal-aid group run out of Osgoode Hall Law School, has released a report on violence related to Canadian mining projects in Latin America. The report, “The Canada Brand”, tracks twenty-eight Canadian companies in thirteen countries from 2000 to 2015. It is the first report to document specific incidents, name the companies involved, and ask for responses from the companies.

    Key Findings :

    Between 2000-2015, in communities affected by Canadian projects
     At least 44 people have been killed, and 30 of those were “targeted” killings
     Over 400 people injured (outside of workplace injuries)
     Over 700 people “criminalized”, including arrests and detentions

    Separate statistics show that Canadian companies who are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange do not include reports of violence as part of their mandatory reports on company performance. Between 2000-2015:
     Only 24.2% of the deaths and 12.3% of the injuries associated with their operations appear in their formal filings with the securities commissions

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  • Talk is not enough: why Canada needs an extractive-sector Ombudsperson

    09 September, 2016

    With current mechanisms in Canada, all that affected communities get is dialogue. When it comes to human rights abuse, talk is not enough. Herein are the key differences between the NCP, the CSR Counsellor and CNCA’s proposed Extractive Sector Ombudsperson.

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