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  • May Month of Action for Mining Justice 2017

    18 April, 2017

    Government officials have told us that they plan to create an ombudsperson for the extractive sector – yet they have not announced it officially and it was not in the federal budget. We need to hold them to their word!

    Join members of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) for a Month of Action for Mining Justice in May (and get started today).

    Join us in creating a groundswell of support that decision-makers won’t be able to ignore.


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  • PRESS RELEASE: Canadian Network expresses concern that Federal Budget does not mention Human Rights Ombudsperson

    22 March, 2017

    The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) is concerned and disappointed that the 2017 federal budget failed to announce the creation of a human rights ombudsperson for the extractive sector.

    Communities, workers, and indigenous peoples outside of Canada whose human rights are impacted by Canadian extractive companies have few options to have their voices heard and their problems remedied. They continue to wait for the Canadian government to address the international corporate accountability gap and to advance human rights around the globe.

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