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A year has passed and no government action to be seen: press release relaunch

08 April, 2020

CNCA originally issued this press release on April 8, 2019. We changed 9 words and it was current to 2020. That is how little the government of Canada has done to deliver on its promise of an independent ombudsperson with the #power2investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian garment, mining, oil and gas companies overseas.

The strikethroughs and red font mark the 2020 updates.

For immediate release: April 8 2019 2020


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News release: Government of Canada turns back on communities harmed by Canadian mining overseas, loses trust of Canadian civil society

11 July, 2019

Today all fourteen civil society and labour union representatives of the government’s Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Body on Responsible Business Conduct Abroad (Advisory Body) tendered their resignations. The unanimous decision to resign is due the erosion of civil society and labour unions’ trust and confidence in the government’s commitment to international corporate accountability.

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Canadian Government Reneges on Promise to Create Independent Corporate Human Rights Watchdog

08 April, 2019
For Immediate Release:
The Government of Canada failed today to appoint an independent Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) with real powers to investigate abuses and redress the harm caused by Canadian companies operating abroad.

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Media Advisory: One year ago the Government of Canada announced the creation of a corporate ombudsperson. It’s time to fulfill its promise.

17 January, 2019

January 17, 2019 marks one year since the Government of Canada announced it would create an ombudsperson’s office to independently investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies operating overseas. But a year later, the position remains vacant. Canada must take action, appoint a strong ombudsperson, and grant the office robust investigatory powers that include the power to compel documents and testimony. Canada made a clear commitment last January to be a global leader in business and human rights. Canada must keep its promise.

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Mining affected communities ask, “Where is Canada’s Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise?”

28 November, 2018

2018 has been another dangerous year for human rights defenders seeking justice in cases involving large extraction companies, including Canadian companies. At the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights this week, mining affected communities from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea are asking “where is Canada’s Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise?”

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UN report tells Canada to do more to combat human rights abuse by business overseas

19 June, 2018

CNCA press release: “The report’s recommendations on the ombudsperson hit the nail on the head … It says the ombudsperson must be well resourced and completely independent from government. She must have all the powers necessary to fully address human rights abuse, including the power to summon witnesses and compel the production of documents.”

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