Petition to the House of Commons of Canada


  • companies based in Canada are contributing to human rights abuse and environmental damage around the world;
  • people who protest these abuses and defend their rights are often harassed, attacked, or killed. Indigenous Peoples, women, and marginalized groups are especially under threat; and
  • Canada encourages but does not require companies to prevent such harms in their global operations and supply chains.

We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada call upon the House of Commons to adopt human rights and environmental due diligence legislation that would:

  • require companies to prevent adverse human rights impacts and environmental damage throughout their global operations and supply chains;
  • require companies do their due diligence, including by carefully assessing how they may be contributing to human rights abuse or environmental damage abroad and by providing access to remedy when harms occur;
  • result in meaningful consequences for companies that fail to carry out and report on adequate due diligence; and
  • establish a legal right for people who have been harmed to seek justice in Canadian courts.

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