1. Will your party support comprehensive mandatory human rights due diligence legislation? Such legislation requires companies to identify, prevent and mitigate human rights abuses and provides for liability when companies cause harm in their global operations (subsidiaries and supply chains).


Yes, the Rhinoceros Party fully supports comprehensive mandatory human rights due diligence legislation. Even though our party is satirical in nature, our members all share a sincere and passionate commitment to human rights and corporate accountability, both here at home and abroad. We would make the passing of such legislation a priority, working with the other parties in order to make that happen.  


  1. Will you make the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) independent and provide it with the power to compel documents and testimony so it can effectively investigate human rights abuse allegations linked to Canadian corporations operating overseas?


Yes, we absolutely would. Without question or reservation. The unfettered independence of the CORE is crucial to the investigative process; the position must be never compromised or undermined by government interference. So the Rhinoceros Party unequivocally advocates for these measures accordingly. 


  1. Will you introduce effective and transparent due diligence requirements for Canadian embassies and Export Development Canada to prevent these public agencies from supporting, financing and insuring business activity that is linked to human rights abuse?


See previous answer.