In May 2021 the CNCA wrote to Labour Minister Filomena Tassi to highlight how Senate Bill S-211 (previously known as Bill S-216) misses the mark.

The Bill does not approach international best practice and will not help impacted communities and workers. Canada should instead enact comprehensive mHREDD legislation.

Bill S-211 would require Canadian companies to report on any steps taken to prevent the use of child or forced labour in their supply chains and global operations. However, the bill does not compel companies to change their behaviour—to prevent, mitigate or redress abuses they detect. Nor does the bill offer help to victims of the exploitation because it does not provide for liability or remedy if companies do make use of child or forced labour. Far from positioning Canada at the forefront of global efforts to protect human rights from corporate abuse, Bill S-211, if passed, would put Canada near the back of the pack.

Top 3 reasons why Bill S -211 misses the mark 

         #1 The bill only requires companies to report on their actions – it does not require them to respect human rights or change their behaviour

         #2 It ignores some of the most egregious and interrelated human rights abuses

         #3 The scope is too narrow: Rules would only apply to a small minority of companies

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