Your name has been successfully added to the petition calling on Canada to adopt a law requiring companies to prevent human rights abuses and environmental damage in their global operations and supply chains, and that holds them accountable when they cause harm.

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1. Contact your MP!

Tweet, write, or phone your local MP to ensure politicians from all parties hear that Canadians across the country urgently want mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence legislation and an Ombudsperson “with teeth”!

Find your MP here:

Your MP can publicly support mHREDD legislation by

  • asking a question in the House of Commons
  • hosting a caucus briefing with the CNCA
  • raising this with the Prime Minister, Global Affairs and Labour Ministers
  • signing the MP pledge and /or
  • tabling paper parliamentary petitions (once public health measures allow).

2. Write, call and tweet the Prime Minister, Ministers of Global Affairs Canada and Minister of Labour! 

  • Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
  • Mélanie Jolie, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Harjit Sajjan, Minister of International Development
  • Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade (613-996-3374);
  • Seamus O’Reagan, Minister of Labour

Click here for a sample call script to leave a strong message.

3. Amplify our messages on social media! Samples below

mHREDD legislation:

When it comes to human rights abuse, unlawful and unethical practices, destruction of livelihoods & environments, voluntary mechanisms are NOT enough! @[INSERT MP NAME/TWITTER HANDLE] will you support our call for Canada to #enact #mHREDD legislation?

CA needs a law that requires companies to stop harming ppl & planet throughout their global ops & supply chains & that holds them accountable when they do. With new model law from @open4justice CA is a step closer to rights for people & rules for business!

An ombudsperson with teeth:

#CORE_Ombuds has opened to complaints about overseas #bizhumanrights abuse, but office is unfit for purpose. W/out promised #power2investigate, it can’t meaningfully serve impacted communities. @[INSERT MP NAME/TWITTER HANDLE] will you ensure CA fulfills its #ombuds promise?

The communities around the world harmed by Cdn companies can wait no longer for 🇨🇦 to take real action. Don’t break the govt’s promise @[INSERT MP NAME/TWITTER HANDLE] & #empower the #CORE_Ombuds with the #power2investigate & #power2compel!


4. Please keep writing and calling back and share feedback with us!