Take Action Today to ensure Canada becomes Open for Justice

October 24, 2013

Call, write or visit your MP today and demand immediate action to create:

  1. An extractive-sector Ombudsman with the power to independently investigate complaints and make recommendations to corporations and the Government of Canada
  1. Legislated access to Canadian courts for people who have been seriously harmed by the international operations of Canadian companies

See attached for a model letter to send to your member of parliament or go to www.amnesty.ca/openforjustice to join our online action.

Model letter to MPs – Open for justice


Those harmed by the activities of Canadian mining, oil and gas companies should have recourse to justice here in Canada.

 We need both:

1. Legislated access to Canadian courts for people who have been seriously harmed by the international operations of Canadian companies. There have been very few court cases in Canada concerning Canadian companies and overseas human rights abuse, despite a growing number of allegations. Canadian courts have been reluctant to hear cases brought forward by foreign plaintiffs, effectively denying them access to justice in Canada. Federal legislation should be adopted in Canada that allows non-Canadians who are affected by the overseas operations of extractive companies to bring civil lawsuits before Canadian courts. The statute should clarify that Canadian courts are an appropriate forum to hear claims against extractive companies that are registered in Canada.

 2. The creation of an extractive-sector Ombudsman in Canada. This mechanism needs to have the power to receive complaints, undertake independent investigations to determine if a company has acted inappropriately and, if so, to make recommendations to the company and to the Canadian government in order to remedy the situation. The Ombudsman should make its findings public and should be able to recommend the suspension or cessation of political, financial and diplomatic support by the Government of Canada. Unlike the CSR Counsellor’s Office, the Ombudsman needs to be mandated to perform these functions irrespective of a company’s willingness to participate.


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