Want to know more about the CNCA’s proposed human rights Ombudsperson? Read this!

25 May 2016

Given the accountability gap that exists with respect to the international operations of Canadian companies, new mechanisms are needed to allow those who are negatively affected by these operations to seek remedy in Canada. The creation of a human rights Ombudsperson for the extractive sector, which is independent, impartial and empowered to investigate and report publicly, will help to fill the existing international accountability gap.

The Ombudsperson should be mandated to receive complaints regarding the international extractive sector (e.g. mining, oil and gas) operations of Canadian companies; conduct independent investigations to evaluate compliance with corporate accountability standards; offer mediation services, if requested; and make recommendations to both companies and the Government of Canada.
For a briefing note on the CNCA’s proposed Ombudsperson, please click here.