Human rights case against Nevsun Resources goes to the Supreme Court of Canada

22 January 2019

A groundbreaking business and human rights case will be heard by Canada’s highest court tomorrow, and it may have far-reaching implications for the ability of survivors of overseas corporate abuse to access justice in Canada. The case involves claims of forced labour, slavery, and torture at a Canadian mine site in Eritrea. Plaintiffs allege that Nevsun Resources, a Vancouver-based company, had knowledge that forced labour was being employed at its Bisha mine and that the abuse suffered amount to crimes against humanity.

The Supreme Court of Canada is being asked to consider the role of customary international law and to consider how Canadian courts should deal with cases of overseas corporate abuse where a foreign government may have played a role. In the end, how the court deals with these questions may have far-reaching implications on whether Canadian companies can be held to account.

Two of CNCA’s members are intervening in the case. Follow MiningWatch Canada and Amnesty International Canada for more information.


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