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Below is a selection of news articles on issues related to the work of the CNCA. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the network.


Barrick Gold subsidiary evaded Tanzanian taxes, tribunal rules (The Globe and Mail)

05 April, 2016

(5 April 2016) “The African subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp. has engaged in a “sophisticated scheme of tax evasion” to dodge more than $40-million (U.S.) in corporate taxes, a Tanzanian tribunal has ruled.

The tribunal, headed by a High Court judge, said the subsidiary of the Toronto-based company had failed to pay any corporate taxes in Tanzania from 2010 to 2013 while still paying more than $400-million in dividends to its shareholders from its gold-mining profits in the East African country.”

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How offshore banking is costing Canada billions of dollars a year (The Toronto Star)

04 April, 2016

(4 April 2016) “The precise annual cost to Canadian tax coffers is unknowable. But credible estimates peg Canada’s tax losses to offshore havens at between $6 billion and $7.8 billion each year.”

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Guatemalan Women’s Claims Put Focus on Canadian Firms’ Conduct Abroad (New York Times)

02 April, 2016

(2 April 2016) “Victims, however, have had little success gaining access to Canadian courts. Their lawyers have often tried to get cases heard on the basis of violations of human rights or international criminal law. But most were told that Canada had no jurisdiction, and that their claims would be appropriately heard in the country where the events took place, even if that country’s courts were notoriously corrupt or otherwise dysfunctional.”

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Allegations of conscripted labour in Canadian mine: the fifth estate (CBC)

12 February, 2016

(12 February 2016) “Last June, the UN released a scathing 484-page report on human rights abuses in Eritrea, including the allegation of forced labour at the Canadian mine during the construction phase.”

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Don’t bankroll the next foreign mine disaster: A Brazilian mine spill shows how Canadian agencies risk getting tangled up in abuses (Embassy)

11 January, 2016

(11 January 2016) “EDC [Export Development Canada] promotes Canadian exports and investment by issuing government-backed loans, guarantees and insurance. In 2014, EDC provided mining, oil and gas companies with over $28 billion in support. In the same period, the Harper government spent less than $1 billion on international humanitarian assistance.

EDC reports that it screens its transactions for potential impact on human rights and the environment. Its support for clients such as Vale brings this process into question.”

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Tensions flare over environmental threat of Canadian gold mine in Kyrgyzstan (The Guardian)

07 January, 2016

(7 January 2016) “High up in the mountains, the Canadian company Centerra Gold is digging for gold at Kumtor, the biggest open-pit mine in Central Asia. It’s a process that requires controversial “ice mining” to dig into glaciers and release the precious metal in the rock below.

Fears about the environmental impact of the mine and anger over who is benefiting have sparked protests over the past five years targeting Kumtor. But opposing the mine is dangerous, according to local activists who say they have been subject to threats, harassment and violence.”

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