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Below is a selection of news articles on issues related to the work of the CNCA. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the network.


Will Canada Recognise Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Developing Countries Too? (Inter Press Service)

19 May, 2016

(19 May 2016) “Activists say as a global power-player in mining [Canada] is still a long way from protecting indigenous people elsewhere from the onslaught of mining interests.”

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Mining conduct abroad deserves another look (Hill Times)

27 April, 2016

(27 April 2016) “Last week we reported that the Liberal government so far appears mostly uninterested in changing the way mining firms are held accountable for alleged abuses in poor countries. Several ministers with related files dodged our questions about change to mining-sector accountability, or declined to say whether change was needed. The Liberals have endorsed a controversial office of an extractive-sector corporate social responsibility counsellor and an extractives institute brought in under the former Conservative government.”

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Nearly 200 organizations write to PM urging stronger accountability of Canadian mining overseas

25 April, 2016

Development and Peace and Mining Watch Canada call on Prime Minister Trudeau to give special attention to an open letter from close to 200 Latin American and international organizations urging for sweeping change to Canada’s foreign policy regarding the global mining sector.

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Feds show little interest in tougher oversight of mining (Hill Times)

20 April, 2016

(20 April 2016) “The Liberal government is showing no sign it plans to change the way Canadian mining companies are held accountable when acts of violence, intimidation, or environmental degradation are linked to their overseas operations.”

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Wave of foreign lawsuits against local mining firms hits Canadian courts (Business in Vancouver)

19 April, 2016

(19 April 2016) “The Tahoe, Nevsun and HudBay claims are part of a recent trend of Canadian mining companies operating abroad being taken to court in Canada by litigants who claim they cannot get justice in their own countries.”

“According to human rights organizations like CCIJ, Canadian mining companies have operated for too many years with impunity in countries with lax environmental and human rights standards, so they are trying to bring some of the more high-profile cases to court in Canada.”

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Mexican Indigenous Protests Shine a Spotlight on the Damage Done by Canadian Mines (VICE News)

13 April, 2016

(13 April 2016) “”In our communities, there’s gold, there’s silver, and there’s gasoline, but the money these generate does not support us and only benefits the international companies and the rich elites,” the activist said. “Mexico needs legislation that requires the authorities to consult the local residents before giving concessions. And the wealth made must be shared.”

Jiménez took particular aim at Canadian mining companies, claiming nearly 70 percent of the country’s mining concessions are Canadian owned.”

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