Canada has a problem. World-wide, mining conflicts are on the rise and there are widespread and well-documented claims of harms associated with Canadian companies operating overseas. After 11 years of campaigning for greater corporate accountability, the CNCA is encouraged by the federal government’s January 2018 announcement that it will create a human rights ombudsperson. One year since the announcement, however, the position remains vacant. Canada must get moving on its promise: Fill the ombudsperson’s office and empower them to take meaningful action in monitoring and investigating the human rights performance of Canadian companies overseas.

It’s been more than one year since the Government of Canada announced the creation of a corporate ombudsperson, but we’re still waiting. It’s time for action.

January 17, 2019 marked one year since the Government of Canada announced it would create an ombudsperson’s office to independently investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies operating overseas. But a year later, the position remains vacant.

The time for action is now! Lobbying against the ombudsperson having the power to compel documents and testimony has been ferocious. Join us in calling on the Government of Canada to meaningfully and urgently implement its commitments by naming an independent ombudsperson with the mandate and tools to conduct independent investigations.

Contact your Member of Parliament and urge them to contact the Prime Minister’s Office:

Find your MP’s contact info here.

Ask them to take a stand and do the following:

  • Immediately call the Prime Minister’s Office and ask them to tell the government to keep its promise, to give the ombudsperson the power to compel documents and testimony, to give the ombudsperson full independence, and to do it now. It’s been over a year since it was announced! For a sample script, click here.
  • Publicly support the immediate establishment of an effective ombudsperson

Remind them that an effective ombudsperson is:

  • Independent
  • Has the tools and mandate to independently investigate, including the power to compel documents and testimony under oath from Canadian companies AND
  • Reports publicly on its findings and recommendations, including for remedy, harm prevention, and reforms

Let us know! Don’t forget to tell your MP that you will be calling back in two weeks for an update. Keeping calling back and share feedback with us! 

After you contact your Member of Parliament, post to social media!

Tweet or post on Facebook: It’s been over a year since the long-awaited announcement, but where is the Ombudsperson? Sample message: 

  • Over a year ago, the Canadian government committed to take meaningful action and create an #ombuds with the #power2investigate allegations of abuse by Canadian companies abroad. The ombuds must have the power to compel documents and testimony. Anything less is a broken promise.

Share messages on social media using the hashtags: #Open4Justice, #Ombuds, #Power2Investigate, and #WhereistheOmbuds?