Open for justice

Canada dominates the global mining industry with projects in over 100 countries. In some cases, the budgets of these companies are bigger than the budgets of the countries in which they operate. Yet there are virtually no regulations in Canada to prevent companies from taking advantage of weak environmental and labour laws or to hold them accountable for violations of human rights.


If the approval of a mine meant you would be kicked off your land, would you expect a chance to say no to this project? 

And if it went ahead, would you expect to be compensated?

If your drinking water were poisoned or water sources dried up – would you expect someone to fix the problem?

If you and your neighbours exposed wrong-doing by the company involved, should you be able to do that without being threatened or physically harmed?

You know the answers. We all do. All it takes is political will.

See below for more information and to join us in calling for access to Canadian courts for people who have been seriously harmed and the creation of a human rights Ombudsperson for Canada’s international extractive sector.