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May 12th: Help Make Canada #Open4justice

We’re calling on YOU to join us on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. During a week of activities spotlighting justice for communities harmed by Canadian mining companies, we’re taking to social media to call on the government to make Canada #Open4Justice, not just open for business!  If your child was sick, your family’s safety in danger, you were being [...]

Canada Needs to be Open for Justice – MPs can affirm their support here

Globally, there is widespread recognition regarding the urgent need to improve access to remedy for the victims of corporate abuse. Those harmed by the activities of Canadian oil, gas and mining companies should have recourse to justice here in Canada. We need both:

1) The creation of a Human Rights Ombudsman in Canada for the international extractive sector and

2) Legislated access to Canadian courts for people who have been seriously harmed by the international operations of Canadian companies.

Revenue Canada targets Steelworkers charity for political activities (citing support for CNCA)

Revenue Canada targets Steelworkers charity for political activities

A union-backed charity that wants Canadian mining companies held accountable for overseas misdeeds is among the latest to be targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency for political activities.

The Steelworkers Humanity Fund Inc. is still awaiting a verdict from the agency, nine months after an auditor showed up at the Toronto office and hauled away several binders of sensitive material.

New Mining Counsellor Set Up to Fail

Media release TORONTO, 3 March 2015 – The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) is concerned that International Trade Minister Ed Fast is wasting public funds with this week’s appointment of a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor. “The mandate of the CSR Counsellor has been flawed from the start. Regardless of who gets appointed, [...]

Recommendations on establishing a human rights Ombudsman for Canada’s international extractive sector

This briefing note outlines recommendations for the Canadian government on how to establish a human rights Ombudsman for Canada’s international extractive sector.  An Ombudsman should be mandated to receive complaints regarding the international extractive sector (e.g. mining, oil and gas) operations of Canadian companies; conduct independent investigations to evaluate compliance with corporate accountability standards; offer [...]