About us

The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) brings together environmental and human rights NGOs, faith groups, labour unions, and research and solidarity groups across Canada who are advocating for federal legislation to establish mandatory corporate accountability standards for Canadian extractive companies operating abroad, especially in developing countries.

The network aims to enhance the effectiveness of its members’ activities through information sharing, policy analysis and research, and to coordinate joint advocacy for legal and policy reform. The CNCA also seeks to promote public awareness of these issues.

The major advocacy focus of the CNCA includes:

  • The adoption of legally-binding corporate accountability standards in Canada that are based on international human rights norms and that ensure environmental sustainability;
  • The inclusion of the internationally recognized right of free, prior and informed consent for Indigenous peoples in Canadian corporate accountability standards;
  • Legal remedies, in Canada, for non-nationals who are affected by Canadian extractive companies;
  • Mandatory reporting by Canadian companies regarding compliance with these standards;
  • The creation of an independent Ombudsman mechanism to receive complaints and verify compliance; and
  • Mechanisms to suspend government support and services to companies that are not in compliance.

The CNCA seeks to fulfill its mission through:

  • Support to and strengthening of members’ efforts to achieve their institutional goals through information sharing, analysis and capacity-building;
  • Original research and policy analysis;
  • Coordination with civil society partners in the global South to ensure that their priorities are reflected in our advocacy work;
  • Briefing notes that articulate Newtork policy positions and become a reference point for decision-makers;
  • Effective dialogue with government, industry and parliamentary actors, including through the organization of public events;
  • Coordinated civil society participation in national and international fora concerning corporate accountability policy; and
  • Increased public engagement of Canadians across the country on these issues, through more media coverage of civil society perspectives on corporate accountability and an expanded CNCA website.